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Cards Dispenser

Αυτόματοι Διανομείς καρτών με πολλές δυνατότητες.

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Αυτόματοι Διανομείς Καρτών – Cards Dispenser

Διανομείς καρτών με πολλές δυνατότητες.

Μπορούν να ικανοποιήσουν ένα ευρύ φάσμα των απαιτήσεων των εφαρμογών αυτόματης διανομής και συλλογής καρτών.


Read mangetic card,read/write contact IC card, contactless IC card and SIM card

Extended card stacker

Standard stacker can load 150 pcs card with 0.76mm thickness,but it can load 300 pcs card through extending card stacker.

Card adjustment button

Support 0.2-2.0mm thickness card issuing

Pattent technology(Patent No: 200620148190.2)-Six optional card space adjustment.

Super card dispensing ability

Special card rubbing wheel structure adn abrasion resistant rubber material ensures dispensing card successfully at one time.

Error card box

Error card box can hold 25 pcs card with 0.76mm thickness.

Smart alert status

Support card pre-empty alert,card empty alert and card dispensing trouble alert etc.

Multiple machine communicatiion

One port of RS232 interface can control 16 set of equipment

Power supply

24VDC (Max current3A, static current 100 mA), Recommended power supply: 24V/3A

Operation temperature


Operation humidity



Interface: RS232 Extended interface: USB interface that supports smart card PS/SC protocol

Operation condition

According to communication, host machine sends command to control

Card size

Card width:     54±0.5mm

Card length:       85±0.5mm

Card thickness:  0.76mm±0.5mm

Card material: Paper card or polyester card


About3.5kg(Include card holder)


Standard card 155 pcs (0.76mmthickness). Stacker can be extended

Few card alert

7-50 pcs (0.76mmthickness card, preset quantity is 15 pcs)

Magnetic head life span

800,000 passes

IC card contacts

500,000 passes

Drive parts

500,000 passes

 Dispense speed

30 pcs per minute (No card read or write etc. operation)

Συστήματα διαχείρισης στάθμευσης

Συστήματα αυτόματης πώλησης

Αυτόματο σύστημα πώλησης εισιτηρίων

Μετρό και μέσα μαζικής μεταφοράς

Αυτόματη έκδοση και περισυλλογή καρτών